07 gennaio 2014

Teaser Tuesday (91)

Oggi un bel teaser in lingua inglese!
Sto leggendo i due spin off che raccontano la storia di Chloe e Derek dopo "The Reckoning" che ho appena terminato di leggere. Sto parlando della The darkest powers trilogy di Kelley Armstrong, un'altra serie terminata!

As I lay on my back, gasping for breath, I began to suspect that Tori enjoyed our self-defense lessons a little too much.
“Come on, Chloe, get up,” she said, dancing around me.
“Actually, I think I’ll stay down here. It’s safer.”
Simon walked over. As he helped me up, he whispered, “Watch her face. She telegraphs her moves.”
He was right. By keeping an eye on her expression instead of her hands, I managed to evade her twice and bring her to her knees once. Then she flicked her fingers and I went flying into a tree.
Simon sighed. “No powers, Tori. You know the rules.”
“I don’t like the rules.”
“Surprise, surprise.”
“Seriously. We’re training for real world confrontations, right? In the real world, if we’re attacked by some Cabal goon, we’re going to use our fighting powers.”
“But Chloe doesn’t have fighting powers.”

Qual è il vostro teaser??

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