25 febbraio 2014

Teaser tuesday (95)

Buonasera lettori!
ecco una nuova puntata del teaser, questa volta in inglese!

Ecco cosa ho appena finito di leggere!

When Professor Piper walked in, a few minutes late, the first thing Cath noticed was that she was smaller than she looked in the photos on her book jackets. 
Maybe that was stupid. They were just head shots, after all. But Professor Piper really filled them up—with her high cheekbones; her wide, watered-down blue eyes; and a spectacular head of long brown hair. In person, the professor’s hair was just as spectacular, but streaked with gray and a little bushier than in the pictures. She was so small, she had to do a little hop to sit on top of her desk. “So,” she said instead of “hello.” “Welcome to Fiction-Writing. I recognize a few of you—” 
She smiled around the room at people who weren’t Cath. Cath was clearly the only freshman in the room. She was just starting to figure out what marked the freshmen.… The too-new backpacks. Makeup on the girls. Jokey Hot Topic T-shirts on the boys. Everything on Cath, from her new red Vans to the dark purple eyeglasses she’d picked out at Target. All the upperclassmen wore heavy black Ray-Ban frames. All the professors, too. If Cath got a pair of black Ray-Bans, she could probably order a gin and tonic around here without getting carded. 
“Well,” Professor Piper said. “I’m glad you’re all here.” 
Her voice was warm and breathy—you could say “she purred” without reaching too far—and she talked just softly enough that everyone had to sit really still to hear her. 
“We have a lot to do this semester,” she said, “so let’s not waste another minute of it. Let’s dive right in.” She leaned forward on the desk, holding on to the lip.
 “Are you ready? Will you dive with me?” Most people nodded. 
Cath looked down at her notebook.

Qual è il vostro teaser? :)

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